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Evan Parker on Emanem CDs

5040 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE "Withdrawal" (1966-7)
5029 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE "Challenge" (1966-7)
5033 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE "Oliv & Familie" (1968-9)

EVAN PARKER & PAUL LYTTON "Three Other Stories" (1971-4) EMANEM 4002

Three unbelievable journeys with Parker on saxophones plus traditional and home-made instruments, and Lytton on a vast range of percussion and live electronics. Each trip covers a whole variety of colours, fusing influences as diverse as John Cage, John Coltrane and Tibetan monks, into a unique and original music. 69 minutes - previously unissued.

CD deleted

4018 PAUL RUTHERFORD & ISKRA 1912 "Sequences 72 & 73" (1972-4)

EVAN PARKER & PAUL LYTTON "Two Octobers" (1972-5) EMANEM 4009

The two concert improvisations, which comprise an hour of this CD, are perhaps the best examples of this most adventurous of duos on record. Unlike "Three Other Stories", Parker concentrates on soprano saxophone for nearly all of the three pieces herein. Lytton's use of electronics has never been surpassed. 76 minutes - previously unissued.

CD deleted

4217 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE "Quintessence" (1973-4)
4024 STEVE LACY "Saxophone Special +" (1973-4)
5209 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ORCHESTRA "Search & Reflect" (1973-81)
5027 STEVENS/RUTHERFORD/PARKER/GUY "One Four and Two Twos" (1978/79/92)
4303 ISKRA 1903 "Chapter Two" (1981/3)

EVAN PARKER "The Ayes Have It" (1983 & 1991) EMANEM 4055
Two performances by one-off groups, both featuring EVAN PARKER (saxophones) and PAUL ROGERS (double bass). There is a 1983 trio studio recording with percussionist JAMIE MUIR, and a 1991 quartet gig with percussionist MARK SANDERS and visiting trombonist WOLTER WIERBOS. Both sessions are quite unlike anything else in the Parker canon. 68 minutes - previously unissued.

Price 12 Euros


EVAN PARKER "Waterloo 1985" EMANEM 4030

An hour long improvisation by EVAN PARKER (saxophones), PAUL RUTHERFORD (trombone), HANS SCHNEIDER (double bass) & PAUL LYTTON (percussion & live electronics). 61 minutes - previously unissued.

Price 12 Euros


4056 CHRIS BURN ENSEMBLE "The Place 1991"

EVAN PARKER / BARRY GUY / PAUL LYTTON "at The Vortex" (1996) EMANEM 4022

The whole of a London club date comprising two extended exuberant improvisations, making it very different to their previous releases.  Perhaps the most ferocious and relaxed example of this trio on record.  79 minutes.

Price 12 Euros



A magnificent studio session featuring PHIL DURRANT (violin), KAFFE MATTHEWS (violin & electronics), MARCIO MATTOS (cello), MARK WASTELL (cello), JOHN EDWARDS (double bass), RHODRI DAVIES (harp), PETER CUSACK (bouzouki, guitar & electronics), JOHN RUSSELL (guitar) and HUGH DAVIES (strings, springs & electronics) with organiser EVAN PARKER appearing on soprano saxophone on some of the pieces. 193 minutes.

Out of stock

4204 LOL COXHILL "Spectral Soprano" (1954-1999)

EVAN PARKER / JOHN EDWARDS / MARK SANDERS "The Two Seasons" (1999) EMANEM 4202 2-CD set

Two very live performances - one from the winter and one from the summer - recorded at the Vortex in London by this finely interlocked saxophone / double bass / percussion trio.154 minutes.

Price 18 Euros

EVAN PARKER "Foxes Fox" (1999) EMANEM 4035

Studio recordings with STEVE BERESFORD (piano), JOHN EDWARDS (double bass) & LOUIS MOHOLO (percussion). Extended quartet performances plus short duos and trios. The session was so relaxed, that it felt and sounded like a concert. 77 minutes.

Price 12 Euros


4201 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA "Proceedings" (1999)
4203 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA "The Hearing Continues" (2000)
4206 freedom of the city 2001 "large groups"
4210 freedom of the city 2002 "small groups"
4090 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA "freedom of the city 2002"
4110 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA "Responses, Reproduction & Reality" (2003-4)
4216 freedom of the city 2005
4219 LONDON & GLASGOW IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRAS "Separately & Together" (2007)
5037 JOHN RUSSELL "With..." (2014)

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