I have been using the name Emanem since 1974, when the rapper who subsequently chose a similar name was only one year old.

Therefore, if anything, it is he who is trying to cash in on my reputation, not vice versa.

If you find this situation confusing, then please ask the rapper to change his nom de rap.

Every so often I get requests from budding rappers to judge their rap.

I reply that I am not qualified to do so, but that I can tell them that their spelling is poor.

I once received an email from a lady in Greece saying that she loved me, but she lost interest when I pointed her to my website!

A letter written by Bruce Barnard published in the Guardian puts things into perspective by comparing the rapper with Elvis, with whom he shares "a career based on the wholesale theft of urban black culture, which is then marketed as the radical alternative for a white suburban audience."

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